FitBank Training Program Manager, Steven Barnett has lost over 200 lbs and is now dedicated to helping others make the same lifestyle change.

At the onset of Steven's journey, he relied on motivation and incentives to create healthy habits. Over a 5 year period, Steven has helped incorporated his experience with fitness, clean eating, recovery and stress management into the FitBank program.

Today, Steven uses FitBank with his clients and has helped people lose 1000s of pounds. His story and others like his provide motivation and guidance for those individuals who are just beginning their wellness journey.


What is our mission?

Improves lives by forming healthy habits

Tool Box

Digital incentive platform, meal planning, fitness videos, online coaching, motivational outreach, goal setting, sponsored fit challenges

Social Wellness

As challenge participants achieve success, many share their gains on social media...leading to greater motivation among the group.

Fitness Directory provides access to the largest fitness location database via its mobile platform. FitBank on iTunes

Geo Location "Check-ins"

The FitBank mobile app allows users to "check-in" at approved fitness locations to earn points toward goal-based incentives.

Program Methodology

The FitBank Process

The FitBank program is designed to keep participants engaged around wellness and fitness. It is not a diet or workout routine, instead it is a comprehensive program that focuses on forming lasting habits around fitness, clean eating, sleep, stress management and recovery.

  • FitBank Starter Kit


    Included: digital tools, incentive plans, educational resources and online training

  • Goal Planning


    Participant is encouraged to accept achievable goals

  • Online Coaching


    Fitness online coaching, meal plans and more education (videos)

  • Incentive Awards


    Incentives are given when goals that are met, success is shared

  • Goal Setting 2.0


    New goals and incentives are established, habits formed!

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