King TUT for Killer Strength and Conditioning

Increasing time under tension (TUT) during a strength and conditioning workout is known to increase muscle growth by increasing damaged muscle fiber and increasing blood flow to the targeted muscle groups. If your workout has become a little stagnant incorporate some of these King TUT techniques to improve strength and muscle growth.

King TUT requires that you increase the time of exertion during a weight lifting exercise. Most people simply add more reps to the exercise while dropping the weight. If it took you 20 seconds to do 10 reps, 20 reps will take 40-45 seconds, therefore, increasing TUT.

The impact of TUT can be greater when you add a modification to your range of motion during an exercise, thereby increasing the duration of the exercise. For example, modify the bench press movement to include a halfway extension of the arms, which brings the bar back down to the chest before the full rep (Arms almost completely extended) is completed. 1 Rep for this modified bench press includes both the half and full rep. As a warm-up this strategy, half/full reps dramatically increases blood flow to the chest and arms. Keep in mind, the half/full rep plan can be done on standard, incline and/or decline bench positions, a great way to target parts of the muscle.

Another effective method is to dramatically increase TUT by immediately lightening the weight after every 10 reps while increasing the rep count to 30 or 40. If you start with 20 lbs. curls for 10 reps, you would move to 15 lbs. at rep 11 and then down to 10 lbs. at rep. 21 for a total of 30 reps. This is a good way to increase King TUT while preventing injury in the gym.

Key King TUT Strategies:

  • Modify Pushing Movements - Incorporate half/full rep combos.
  • Superset - No rest, immediately follow an exercise with another targeting the same muscle group.
  • Increase Reps and Time - Simply double your reps on any exercise.


TUT and Muscle Hypertrophy

After a TUT workout, your body repairs damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it joins muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. These repaired myofibrils are thicker and greater in number to create muscle hypertrophy or growth of the muscle. TUT increases hypertrophy by increasing the number of muscle fibers that need repair.



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