40 Push-ups and cardiovascular health

Being able to complete 40 push-ups has been shown to dramatically decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. A study by Harvard University has shown that push-ups are a better indicator of heart disease than submaximal treadmill tests and being able to complete 40 is key. Harvard researchers followed over 1,000 male firefighters over the span of a decade and found all but one who developed cardiovascular problems could not complete 40 push-ups. Researchers observed reduced cardiovascular risks in all groups with higher push-up capacity.

Participants able to complete more than 40 push-ups had a 96 percent reduction in incident CVD events compared with those completing fewer than 10 push-ups."

link to the push-up study

Keys to hitting the 40 push-up goal

The push-up is a full body exercise, however, many people make mistakes that prevent them from completing the proper push-up. Follow the push-up keys below to improve form and help reach your 40 push-up goal.

  • Squeeze your core - Prevent arching your back by squeezing your core and keeping your back flat.
  • Spread your fingers - Face your thumbs together and spread your fingers to better grip the ground.
  • Keep your elbows in - Make sure your elbows stay in toward your body to prevent injury.
  • Squeeze your glutes - Squeezing your glutes will protect your lower back and facilitate good push-up form.
  • Start small and work your way up to 40 - 40 push-ups will not be built in a day, start small and keep it up and you will be at 40 before you know it.

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