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The FitBank Wellness Token Coming Soon

Earn sweat tokens for meeting fitness and wellness goals.


A decentralized system where you are securely issued FitBank tokens based on meeting your wellness goals.

Incentive Based Wellness

Incentive based wellness programs are key to developing healthy habits that yield long-term health benefits.

Consensus Using Hyperledger

A token that is not purchased, but earned through sweat, smart choices and education.

Want to be A Partner?

Leverage fitness to build brand by having a positive engagement with your employees or customers.

Employee wellness incentive programs

Create custom employee fitness challenges using the FitBank digital platform

Incentives and Motivation Yield Better Habits

FitBank is a fully customizable, digital incentive program embedded in the Global Gym app. Companies, communities and social groups can use FitBank to create challenges and obtain fitness analytics. FitBank members are free to work out when and where they choose and track their personal metrics. FitBank multiplies members' fitness ROI by incentivizing (and rewarding) consistent commitment.

Take advantage of a complete program that addresses fitness, healthy eating, sleep and stress management.


FitBank is a comprehensive digital platform designed to engage both customers and employees around fitness.

Participants can check-in at fitness locations, receive meal plans, take advantage of wellness related educational material, events, wellness goal planning, incentives plan, online coaching and more.

More details on the FitBank employee wellness program here

FitBank works for many people because it combines incentives toward wellness goals while providing motivation throughout the process. Rewarding behavior based on goals lays the foundation for healthy competition among participants which has been shown to improve adherence. Intrinsic motivation toward an activity will heighten the associated positive affect, thereby leading to greater participation and higher satisfaction.

The combination of rewards, competition and motivation is effective in creating healthy habits. A program built on positive rewards helps build the confidence that is critical to establishing a routine and is at the foundation of FitBank.

A 2014 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 69% of Americans 18 to 24 years of age failed to meet the federal guidelines for physical activity, which is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week.

"One out of every four dollars employers pay for health care is tied to unhealthy lifestyle choices or conditions like smoking, stress and obesity, despite the fact that most large employers have workplace wellness programs." More info

The United States has worse health outcomes than many other developed nations. This is true even though we spend almost twice as much on health care. A lack of healthy habits and wellness literacy are the root causes for the unhealthy state of Americans.

Customer and employee engagement around fitness has been shown to significantly improve brand awareness, coupon redemption and participant satisfaction.

A Fitbank pilot program in the San Francisco bay area at Andronico's Community Markets exceeded program goals among more than 5000 customers and 100 employees. Program participants where challenged to exercise more than three days a week. Using the FitBank iOS app, participants checked-in at their fitness locations and received healthy consumer products at ACM stores at the end of each month. Pilot results demonstrated that the FitBank program exceeded engagement goals.

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